Take control of end-to-end processes – from bookings and availability to cancellations and redemptions. Expedia Connectivity helps to automate inventory management and operations across Expedia’s entire marketplace of world-class booking sites. It transforms time-intensive processes while helping connected suppliers drive revenue. LX Supplier API’s is the real-time Expedia marketplace, automated.

Expedia Local Expert (LX) Supplier API Overview

The Expedia LX Supplier API currently performs 4 key functions:

  1. Real-time date-specific availability checks.
  2. Inserts Bookings into your system.
  3. Cancellation notification (allowing you to get the availability back on sale instantly).
  4. Advanced availability checks/updates for all products distributed via Expedia LX.

Expedia Local Expert API Overview

Integrating with the Expedia LX Supplier API will allow Suppliers and Platforms to enhance their partnership with Expedia LX.

Benefits for Platforms:

  1. Widen the distribution and sales potential of your clients inventory.
  2. Offer additional connectivity service to your portfolio.
  3. Access to new and unique API functions connecting complex categories.

Benefits for Suppliers:

  1. Allows Expedia to book your products closer to the departure time to increase last minute bookings and revenue.
  2. Operational efficiency - eliminating the need to manually enter booking or cancellation notification data into your system.
  3. Eliminates the hassles of having to manually manage closeouts (via Local Expert Partner Central or Email).
  4. Manage your partnership with Expedia LX in one place using your system of choice.

If you are currently not working with Expedia LX, then you must sign-up 405-378-5724 first.

LX Supplier API also provides capabilities for integration with Booking / Reservation Platforms or Supply Partners that provide GT. GT Connectivity is set up in accordance with the standard LX Connectivity requirements, plus a few additional GT specific requirements noted in the supplemental GT Connectivity documentation.

Prior to developing to the Expedia LX Supplier API, we ask that you request an implementation meeting, which will allow us to align our schedules and efforts for a successful integration.

If you have any questions regarding connecting to the Expedia LX Supplier API or to request an implementation meeting, please email and we will respond as quickly as possible.